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Let's Chat Sunscreen

Written by Kaeleigh James

Although summer may be coming to a close, the conversation of sun protection shouldn’t end here. According to The American Melanoma Foundation, up to 80% of UV rays are able to slip through the clouds so even on that overcast, fall day, you really ought to apply your SPF. Keep on reading for more sunny facts.

The sun is at its strongest from 10-2 so having sunscreen on hand is a must if you plan to do any outdoor adventuring during the day. Experts recommend using an SPF 30 or above for trustworthy protection. Even if your day includes spending time in the shade you should still wear sunscreen because UV rays can still reach you. They reflect off of just about anything, from asphalt, sand, or a field of green. Who knew you were fighting the sun from above and below? Even a sun hat only provides 5 SPF to your nose and cheeks.

As crazy as it may sound, experts recommend using one ounce of sunscreen to cover an adult body. This may seem like a lot, but the risks later in life are high with estimates of one in five Americans diagnosed with skin cancer in their lifetime. In a study in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, it was found that poorly applying a higher SPF (over 50) will have better results than successfully applying a lower SPF (under 50) because people usually don’t apply enough. That hefty one ounce may solve this problem and if you don’t trust your sunscreen application skills, aim for a higher SPF too.

My final sunscreen tips:

  • Look for mineral sunscreen (contain zinc oxide/titanium dioxide) over chemical sunscreen (contain oxybenzone and octinoxate which bleach coral reefs)

  • Remember to reapply, especially if you’re spending time in the water

  • Never trust a “summer base” because you can still tan with SPF on, this is me @ing myself so hard

  • Apply sunscreen before you leave for your day of activities. Sunscreen needs 15 minutes to soak in so applying at home saves time and protects you from sun exposure on the road. Studies show that people usually have more sun damage on the left side of their face than the right from hours driving in the car.

  • Incorporate a sunscreen or moisturizer with SPF into your morning routine at the very least to cover that stunning face of yours. Your later self will thank you!

What to stock up on:

Countersun Daily Sheer Defense For Face SPF 25

Dew Skin Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20

Glowscreen SPF 40


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